Dan Starkey joins The Monster Hunters!

By Newgate Productions, Apr 7 2014 09:22AM

We're thrilled to announce that Dan Starkey will be joining us for our upcoming episode, Destroy All Monster Hunters!

Dan will be familiar to fans of Doctor Who as Strax, the Sontaran butler to Victorian adventuresses Madame Vastra and Jenny. He's also appeared in Wizards versus Aliens and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as working for Big Finish Productions. You might have also seen Dan as a visiting artist for The Fitzrovia Radio Hour.

Dan will be playing Sir Princely Mothman, a figure who will cross the path of Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chestefield as they investigate the deaths of the country's other top monster hunters. 'It was a huge pleasure to work with Dan,' said Peter Davis, otherwise known as Lorrimer Chesterfield. 'He's a nice guy and a great performer. His Sir Princely was brilliantly funny. He also chipped in with a voice for another character in the story and he was unrecognisable, even switching from one to the other in a scene!'

Destroy All Monster Hunters, our first adventure for 2014, will be available to stream and download soon.

Dan Starkey prepares us for Sir Princely. Simon Kane witnesses.
Dan Starkey prepares us for Sir Princely. Simon Kane witnesses.
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